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A Short Intro To My Journal
Which Month Is It??????
So I Update This Almost Every Single Day For You I, Begin To Hate You For Your Face Not Just The Things You Do.
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Aug. 31st, 2006 @ 10:49 am Theres a basketball hoop with no ring. Talk about false hope in an empty shot.
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Its the last day of freedom. Freedom to do nothing but sit here and do nothing.

Cause doin' nothin' will always be better than somethin'.

Woodhouse called yesterday (my college) they took my subject changes, wahey, no more physics for me, no more, im doing english language instead. Maths, Biology, Chemistry and English Language. College is going to kick, ass.

Apparently, im going to learn how to 'develop and adapt my writing style for different audiences'

Pssht, my wr1t1nG $ty7£ k1kz @zz!!!!

wouldn't you say?

My Brand New tickets still havn't arrived.

I'm going on edge, they need to arrive soon or,

1)I'm going to be too busy to notice anybody else.

2)People will realise that i'm not as attentive as usual.

3)They'll instinctively blame themselves and go into the five step program:





4)unfortunately many will not reach the fifth stage and commit suicide by step iv.

5)i'll have to deal with the godawful guilt of it until, my brand new tickets arrive.

6)I'll be happy again and their deaths will be in vain.

7)I'll go see brand new. Things will kick ass. "Within time I'm sure [their] death[s] will be a mystery, even to me."

Oh, and my internet connection needs to effin well sort itself out. This is just becoming somewhat frustrating ey?

"If theres any justice in heaven, then god won't let me in. He'll lock the gates and take my weekend pass away"
Aug. 25th, 2006 @ 08:15 pm (no subject)
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you have purchased the following:
Event/Venue/Seating Date Qty Delivery
Type Confirmation
Brand New
at Carling Academy Brixton
STALLS STANDING Saturday, September 9 at 7:00 PM 2 UK Post

Ticket face value: 25.00
Service fee: 4.65
Total charges: 29.65


1. AMG - SJM Concerts Message: **BRIXTON ACADEMY DOOR COLLECTION POLICY - Tickets can only be collected at the box office after doors open on the night of the event.

Security Notice

In the light of recent terrorist activities academy music group is requesting that all customers where possible do not bring bags etc to the venue. If you must bring such items we will insist that they are searched and subsequently deposited in our cloakroom. Furthermore in order to avoid any disruption to your evenings entertainment could all customers please ensure that they do not leave any items unattended. We are sure your appreciate the reasoning behind this policy and we look forward and appreciate your cooperation.


Your ticket(s) will be delivered to the following address:
26 Oakfield Avenue
extra stuff :P

im gonna see brand newwwww im gonna see brand newwwww :P
Aug. 25th, 2006 @ 02:42 pm Going Away To College
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The song you should be listening to is: Senses Fail - Irony Of Dying On Your Birthday
2A*'s: English Language, Maths

5A's: Double Science, English Literature, Geography, Sociology

3B's: Double I.T, D.T

1 C: German

So, i guess i did pretty well, i was supposed to get two A*'s in Science as well, and i ended up 21 UMS points away from it =/ the whole of the subject is marked out of 800, i got 699, i needed 720 for an A* and 640 points gets you an A, so i cleared that pretty far.

Now for the good news. i got a perfect score on my maths test (: 400/400 go me. in my science i got 177/200 and 197/200, the reason i didn't get the points i needed was because in year 10, i did basically fuck all and messed up all my modules =/ my own fault, doesn't matter now.

so im going to college now but in light of the A* i got in english language im thinking im going to drop physics and pick up english language or literature, though probably language. thats if my college will let me, if not i might have to apply to mill hill again and see if i can go there, because it just really hit me that physics is not a fun subject, even though apparently of all the sciences, im a physicist.

i heard a medical joke, you know when you hear lame jokes and think, they only laugh at that because its their profession? this is one of those. but i found it funny.

The physician knows everything and does nothing.

The surgeon knows nothing but does everything.

The pathologist knows everything and does everything just too late.


Shut up, its funny.

Oh, and even more awesomeness? Brand New released more tickets for their brixton show, now if matthew doesn't pick up his damn phone in the next few hours, i will kill him. i dont mean that as a euphemism, i will literally choke him until i have successfully cut off his air supply and he ceases to exist.

Aug. 23rd, 2006 @ 11:48 pm (no subject)
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Current Location: On a muthafuckin' plane with muthafuckin' snakes
I feel very: nervous as fuck
Put a gun to my head and blast my brains across the wall.

No really, i say. I'm fine.

either 11.5 hours or 12.5 hours until i get my GCSE results. I'm not sure, since misinformation is almost a lesson at my high school.

I'm nervouuuuuuuuuuuuusss, and here right now, right now im in the middle of that time when everyones best friends. Everyone's wishing everyone else good luck because 'a problem aired is a problem shared' or something like that. That and when someone (lets call them me, for example) beats someone else (lets call them you, for example) then you could say that you weren't in a competition but that you were supportive, and you did wish me good luck.

We're just covering our tracks prematurely.

Everyone says 'don't worry, you'll do fine'. do people not seem to realise that that just puts more pressure on? everyone expects you to do well, so you can't excel, you can only meet the expected or fail.

What A Fucking Jib.

Am i okay?


I Don't look okay, apparently.

No really. I'm Fine
Apr. 11th, 2006 @ 01:47 pm (no subject)
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just thought it was funny
Feb. 20th, 2006 @ 03:59 pm you look just like your father.
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so i just got back from my woodhouse interview. it went well :D. they also changed my applied subjects from triple science and math, to bio, chem, maths with mechanics and english language :) whey. i dunno if im in, but i think i should be, now all i have to worry about is getting at least 6 A's in my gcse's. hmmmm with the three a*s i have. i just need to get the double a im predicted in english and an a in geog. im nervous...
Feb. 19th, 2006 @ 12:08 am just noticed
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just noticed my posts do not appear on my friends friends pages. dont know why. but sure that livejournal has fucked up

edit: marcus brigstocke
Feb. 18th, 2006 @ 11:40 pm You Dont Even Wanna Fuck With That Mack Daddy
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Just finished watching final destination. also saw aeon flux with matt in harrow today. i was supposed to see it with matt chris and marcus. i was also supposed to meet steph there (chris' ex. not the chris we were supposed to meet there, chris james the singer) but she couldnt make it. marcus couldn't make it. we saw chris there with his mum. Steph was there but as soon as we got out of the cinema her parents had come out and she was going places with them.

Things change.

i need fingerless gloves. for guitar. i need them. because they look cool. especially with guitar.

its quite depressing when you realise that no matter how hard you try, how long you try or how often you try, you'll never write anything that funny, that great, that inspirational. you can learn every rule of the language. read a million books all to confirm that depressing fear.

i just dont want to work a regular job.

i dont want to meet anyone famous. i want them to meet me.
Feb. 17th, 2006 @ 01:40 am I Promise. When It Makes Me A Million, We'll Tour Europe. I Promise.
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well, its 1:41...not quite two in the morning yet but i thought i'd break out of my pattern. go wild. be a teenager...yeah.

You know that feeling you get when you realise just how very very screwed you really are and you sorta start to panic but you're too tired or too lazy to really do anything about it so instead you just bitch about it and hope someone will suffer along with you?

yeah i got that.

band practice tomorrow. united nations. personally i love the name. what does anyone else think? we plan to start writing our masterpiece tomorrow. you know the drill. add to your expectations. add to your problems.

At what point do we realise that all our potential turns into nothing? i mean, we always just say, hell one day i'll be a millionaire. then we realise that we're too old, and you can't pull it off.

im only 15. i dont think that. not yet. but im scared of it. im scared of everything.

9 weeks left.

in 9 weeks the last 4 years will not matter anymore. at all. everyone will be no one. someone will be a stranger.

sometimes things make perfect sense in the morning. sometimes they make no sense and you're just tired. just human.

this is one of those times.
Feb. 16th, 2006 @ 02:18 am these are my hands these are my thoughts these are my plans THESE ARE MY NASTY LITTLE THOUGHTS
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The song you should be listening to is: beaste boys ~ intergalactic
2 in the morning and im updating again. is this my thing?

gash im tired. i havn't stayed indoors a single day this half term. and i need to do my work. its building up im falling down and im too tired from sleep deprivation to care.

i dont know why but apparently i seem to make everyone think i have a secret girlfriend, people keep buggering me to tell them who im going out with. for fucks sake i'd like to bleedin well know that myself.

gosh theres too many women in my life. the ones im interested in aren't interested. the ones interested in me dont interest me.

the one you love and the one who loves you are never, ever the same person.

anyway beastie boys are playing so im gonna sleep now.

OH and i write sins not tragedies...is an amazing song. and the lead singer is effin awesome, he rules. he reminds me of johnny depp. who coincidentially...also rules.

'oh, well look at it this way, i mean technically our marriage is saved. this calls for a toast so pour the champagne, pour the champagne!'